Kadyny Vineyard

Kadyny Vineyard was located in the north of Poland in Kadyny near Elbląg, 3 km from the Vistula Spit, planted in May 2013. Each of 16 thousand seedlings was filled with 5 litres of living water. Generally, a place completely unsuitable for a vineyard… and yet. That is what this bold experiment was about. Due to living water, the seedlings have adapted to difficult conditions, even in winter, when temperatures fall below -30°C. Already in the first months, strong growth was visible, much larger than similar vineyards in better regions of Poland. After the first winter, it was known that the vines were doing very well. The following months and 2014/2015/2016 years showed that the vines were doing very well, they grew and bore fruit very well. We waited for the most important day for us – the harvest.

The first grape harvest took place in October 2017, the wines are currently at the stage of ripening, but their very strong potential is already visible today. During the fermentation process, the wines were treated with the Living Water Technology, which fundamentally changed the wine production cycle. We will see what the international wine contests will show, because they are certainly suitable for them. It seems that a new type of wine, Living Wine.

Planted species:

Leon Millot – (V.riparia x V.rupestris x Goldriesling) 1800 pcs.

Swenson Red (synonym Elmer) – (E.S. 56 x Seibel 11 803) 240 pcs.

Marechal Foch – (V.riparia x V.rupestris x Goldriesling) 3000 pcs.

Regent – (Diana x Chambourcin) 2176 pcs.

Rondo – (Zaria Siewiera x Saint Laurent) 1320 pcs.

Aurora – (Seibel 788 x Seibel 29) 1054 pcs.

Aurora – (Seibel 788 x Seibel 29) 1054 pcs.

Johanniter – [(Riesling x Seyve Villard 12 481) x (Pinot Gris x Chrupka)] 1627 pcs.

Solaris – [Merzling x (Zaria Siewiera x Muskat Ottonel) 2417 pcs.


After the meeting with Masaru Emoto after returning to Poland, I prepared everything according to what he said at the meeting, and in May 2013, we started planting the Kadyny vineyard.

Although it was quite a challenge, the vineyard has 16 thousand seedlings x 5 litres of water for each of them, as it was easy to count, it was necessary to prepare a total of 80 000 litres of water. I personally made sure that no one used water other than the special one.

After a few months, the vines grew to over 3 meters and they had to be cut, for comparison, the vineyard in Grójec near Warsaw, planted at the same time, grew to a height of 1 meter. I realized then that Emoto gave me an unprecedented knowledge, after all it is a great opportunity to use this knowledge – I thought. See yourself, below photos from the vineyards, for comparison.

Living Wines in preparation

After this event, unusual for me, I began to conduct my own research, and although from a scientific point of view they are not based on the science we know, they show water in a completely different light. Traditional science, with its conventional reasoning, is not enough to enter the invisible world of water. What we see and we can observe is only a fraction of a percent of what water is really for us and our planet. We just do not appreciate water.

Another experiment that I made was a 14-meter patch on which ground cucumbers were planted, watered with water of the correct structure. On such a small piece of land, over 100 kilograms of cucumbers with a great taste grew, even those overgrown were not empty inside, which I can think about.

After these extraordinary experiences, I decided to send water for analysis to the Masoto Emoto laboratory; the water was the basis for creating a device that restores the natural structure of water.

The crystal that was sent to me from the laboratory turned out to be unbelievable, but judge it by yourself:

I signed the sample delivered to the laboratory with no. 1, and the photos of the crystal I received were signed (Holly Water Poland), interesting…

Considering the basic criteria of the crystal oceans, regularity and shape repeatability, the one I sent out turned out to be one of the most interesting that Emoto has seen for over 30 years, and he saw a lot of them.

Kryształ żywej wodyA crystal of the model water sent to the Masaru Emoto laboratory.


As it was stated in the description, this crystal speaks for itself, and 1000 words are not enough to describe it.

And in the original, it sounded like this:

“An image tells more than 1000 words, and most words only describe reality, but it is not the reality”

At the time, I could not understand these words yet, today I am beginning to slowly understand them, water is so unexplored that it surprises me every day with something new.

Then I understood that I was able to obtain a unique standard water for the production of devices for restoring the water structure. And so in February 2014, I produced more devices, tests and further researches began.